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Essentra’s Finger Lift tapes have a dry edge on both sides, making liner removal fast and easy. Finger Lift liners are available in transfer, tissue, and film tapes.

  • Protective liner remains until final assembly  
  • Ideal for flat shipping of POS kits 
  • Long length rolls ready for automatic assembly 
  • Great for increased efficiency and lower assembly labor costs 

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Who is Essentra Specialty Tapes?

Essentra Specialty Tapes, formerly Duraco, offers a wide selection of uniquely functional tapes suited to the various markets including foam tapes, transfer tapes, hook and loop fasteners, film and laminating tapes, high bond tapes, bumpers and magnetic tapes, among others. All products are available in stock, and the company accommodates custom orders as well. The company has almost 70 years of design and manufacturing expertise that ensures dependable product performance and unmatched service.

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